February 28th
10:30 – 18:30 EET
9:30 – 17:30 CET
(Italy, Spain)


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The Circle Festival brings together the skills, frameworks and inspiration that empower resilience for creative and non-creative entrepreneurs all across Europe. Join us on February 28th and learn, network and be inspired by other entrepreneurs such as yourself!

During a whole day, you will get free access to 4 sessions, hosted by the partners in the Circle program. Each session will give you valuable insights into the practices & skills that make you better equipped for the future, regardless of your profession or the industry you’re in.

The event marks the end of the Circle program, a cross-country, cross-disciplinary program for European freelancers and entrepreneurs.

This event is for you if

  • You are an entrepreneur with a general business, service or product or you are aspiring to build your own initiative in the near future
  • You are a creative freelancer, creative business owner or manager in the field of cultural & social projects
  • You want to understand more about building thriving, resilient creative projects or traditional businesses in your community

Why sign up

  • Discover more about the critical aspects of running a business or creative project in uncertain times, learn best practices and life skills that build resilience
  • Learn how creativity can boost positive changes, motivation, communication, team building and brand identity in your business
  • Understand how to prepare for a future where artificial intelligence can enable creatives to work on a scale that was previously unthinkable
  • See how regenerative design shapes better businesses, communities and creates synergies for a thriving future
  • Meet fellow creatives and entrepreneurs all across Europe

How to save your seat

  • You fill in this form and get the confirmation e-mail
  • We will e-mail you all the details about the link where you’ll join the activities and close to the event we’ll send you reminders so you don’t miss it
  • The participation is free-of-charge.


10:30 – 12:00 EET (Romania) /  9:30 – 11:00 CET (Italy, Spain)  – 10 entrepreneurial skills to cultivate antifragility – Session hosted by Impact Hub Bucharest  

The last three years have been heavily burdened by uncertainty, anxiety and a violent shift in the way we’ve been running our businesses and creating artistic or cultural projects.   

To navigate these major shifts and to continue thriving in unstable contexts, entrepreneurial skills are critical. From anticipating change to developing risk tolerance or proactivity and lateral thinking – we’ll talk about the 10 essential skills that can help develop an antifragile mindset for any individual interested in our reactions to an ever-changing world.  

10:30 – 11:00 EET / 9:30 – 10:00 CET – Keynote speech  

11:00 – 11:30 EET / 10:00 – 10:30 CET – Panel  

11:30 – 12:00 / 10:30 – 11:00 – Networking  

12:00 – 12:30 EET (Romania) / 11:00 – 11:30 CET (Italy, Spain) – Coffee break   

12:30 – 14:00 EET (Romania) / 11:30 – 13:00 CET (Italy, Spain) – Creativity and wellness at work – Session hosted by Matera Hub  

How does creativity positively impact the wellness of a business? What are the practices and frameworks that empower non-creative businesses to maximize their potential and develop new innovative skills?  

During this session, you will discover best practices and examples of successfully implementing creativity skills in entrepreneurial projects, along with program participants sharing their experiences during the Circle. 

12:30 – 13:00 EET / 11:30 – 12:00 CET – Keynote speech: Gommalacca Company Theatre: Creative interventions as effective resolution to entreprenurial management problems and conflicts 

13:00 – 13:30 EET / 12:00 – 12:30 CET – Panel: Kamal Fanibanda & David Cinnella  

13:30 – 14:00 EET / 12:30 – 13:00 CET – Networking 

14:00 – 14:30 EET (Romania) / 13:00 – 13:30 CET (Italy, Spain) – Lunch break  

14:30 – 16:00 EET (Romania) / 13:30 – 15:00 CET (Italy, Spain) – Future of digital, generative models, rise of the machines and AI – Session hosted by Zitec  

AI is a remarkable force for superior creativity – these days, we’re just scratching the surface of the potential it holds in boosting creativity. It may enable designers and artists to work on a scale that was previously unthinkable and alter how we engage with creative material.  

How to prepare for what the future holds in terms of artificial intelligence and its uses in creativity? Join the session and get fresh insights from specialists!  

14:30 – 15:00 EET / 13:30 – 14:00 CET – Keynote speech: Lucian Andrei, Coordinator – Innovation & Grants @ Zitec  

15:00 – 15:30 EET / 14:00 – 14:30 CET – Practical activity – Ask AI questions chat GPT/ Test DALL-E 2 

15:30 – 16:00 EET / 14:30 – 15:00 CET – Networking & audience sharing: Debate future uses of AI in creative purposes 

16:00 – 16:30 EET (Romania) / 15:00 – 15:30 CET (Italy, Spain) – Coffee break 

16:30 – 18:00 EET (Romania) / 15:30 – 17:00 CET (Italy, Spain) – Regenerative design: connecting entrepreneurial, creative and ecosystem wellbeing –  Session hosted by Impact Hub Madrid  

Regenerative design will be the topic closing the Circle: connecting entrepreneurial, creative, digital and ecosystem wellbeing.  

What are the main principles we should integrate in our life, business and creative endeavours and practices? How to be more mindful of a unified framework that builds on personal development, disruptive businesses and impactful effects in all our stakeholders? We’ll explore them all in this section of the event, along with professionals and entrepreneurs who integrate them in their activity.  

16:30 – 17:00 EET / 15:30 – 16:00 CET – Keynote speech: Rafael Cobo, Ecosystems Consultant at Impact Hub Madrid  

17:00 – 17:30 EET / 16:00 – 16:30 CET – Panel  

17:30 – 18:00 EET / 16:30 – 17:00 CET – Networking  

18:00 – 18:30 EET (Romania) / 17:00 – 17:30 CET (Italy, Spain) – Closing  

About The Circle

The Circle is a cross-country, cross-disciplinary program for European freelancers and entrepreneurs The Circle is organized by a consortium of 4 partners: Impact Hub Bucharest and Zitec in Romania, Impact Hub Madrid in Spain and Matera Hub in Italy. It is coordinated by Impact Hub Bucharest and co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The European Commission’s support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents, which reflect the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.