Circle #1 – One learning week at Impact Hub Bucharest

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After two years of (mostly) video interaction and very little chances to meet in a live setting, the time has finally come! We are super excited to share with you the experience we’ve had during the first in-person Circle that was hosted by Impact Hub Bucharest this May.

Entrepreneurs from Italy, Romania and Spain took part in a series of activities during which they could experience sections of the outputs of the program, use the tools we provide in them, get feedback from trainers and peers and learn from everyone. Our first group was very diverse – from art and fashion creatives to business & education consultants or wellness entrepreneurs. For sure, it was a very rewarding experience for everyone, as they got to interact with professionals in different fields but who sometimes faced very similar challenges.

The first part of the sessions was dedicated to a get-to-know-each other round, where participants shared their projects, struggles and objectives. The next sessions were dedicated to individual and group work on specific tools and frameworks: Design Thinking exercises, three very important canvases: Creative Project Canvas, Business Model Canvas and Sustainability Canvas, followed by digital marketing & group meetings with Romanian entrepreneurs and consultants.

We at Impact Hub Bucharest are very grateful that we got to meet and spend time such inspiring and driven people from all over Europe! 

Food for thought – let us know what you think!

Some of the sessions incited some interesting and challenging questions in our group, aiming at the long term vision and ways of doing things in each project. Because they are they can be a very good exercise in your own practice, we are sharing some of them with those reading our blog – they can be good conversation starters for all entrepreneurs focusing on the sustainability of their work!

We invite you to reflect on them and maybe share your take on them – feel free to share your perspective in the comments!

For non-creative entrepreneurs

  • How can I practice creativity if the industry I work in is a more traditional one, based on practical, palpable elements? What are the areas I can be creative in?
  • As a solopreneur, how to make sure I focus on the most important clients I have and how do I make sure the segments I chose are the most relevant for me?
  • Why do I need an online presence if most of my clients come from recommendations? Does social media exposure come with possible disadvantages?

For creative entrepreneurs

  • What options do I have if I, a creative entrepreneur, want to be more connected with the artistic ecosystem and find the allies I need to build sustainable, visible projects?
  • How do I balance my creative work and the sustainability of my project? How do I come to think of what I do as a business that needs structure and nurturing?
  • Where do I start when I want to expand my business internationally? How do I get in touch with the local ecosystem?


So what do you think? Do you have similar dilemmas? We’d love to hear from you!

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