How to make your connections work for you?

The CIRCLE continues this autumn, for CIRCLE participants only, with 4 online, peer sharing, international events. The first one took place on october 26th and it was hosted by Impact Hub Bucharest.

We were happy to host the participants with 3 moments: content, inspiration, peer sharing.

The content was led by Lucia Radu program manager and coach. She explained about the various experts that are part of the entrepreneurial journey – consultants, mentors, coaches, trainers – and how they can best support and how to choose the right expert according to your need.

What is the difference between consultant, mentors, coach?


Where can you find resources and connections?

  • Within you own network? Map out the systems you were part of: employers, cooking or yoga class, university years, the marketing or sales course, the tennis club, the startup weekend meetups etc. Think about the people you connected with in these systems and map out what they do, what you have in common.
  • Meet up platforms and groups on Linkedin and Facebook

After you understand what you need:

  • reach out to your own network, before starting to search for new persons. You are more likely to receive support from persons who met you than a perfect stranger.
  • don t be afraid to ask – the most common mistake is people are embarrassed to ask for help even from the mentor they have in a program, but it is up to you to make the most of any connection. People are too busy to be proactive in supporting you 😊
  • talk about what you do and what you need, you never know where help will come from. ♥


For inspiration we invited Armina Popeanu  to share her story as a “serial” creative entrepreneur.  Here are a few words from Armina:





What I did during the 10 years in entrepreneurship was to continue to learn – I went to courses, programs, webinars, fairs, exhibition, meetings, clubs, discussions, and so on. Besides the knowledge I got there from the trainers, mentors or simply other colleagues I met a lot of cool people, whom I share values with. All these connections proved to be very useful during the upcoming years – many projects (even if I was in the services or products business) came as a lead from people who knew me. And I think this applies to any type of business. So, my only possible advice is to take advantage of any opportunity to network & meet new people, but spend you time wisely. Moreover, if you have any challenges in your business, go and ask mentors. The worst thing that can happen to you is them not answering your call, mail, question, but in many cases that won’t happen, but the opposite. People with more experience than you will remain in your network. 😊

The peer sharing was an opportunity for participants to (re)connect, share and learn from one another. This was organized with a speed dating structure, with 3 break out rooms where participants were invited to share based on 3 key questions:

  • Which are the resources you used thatbrought you the most value?
  • What is your biggest challenge when itcomes to accessing resources?
  • Share an awesome resourcethat could help us all.

You can use them in your own team or group to reflect on.

Stay creative!

Lucia Radu – Program Manager | Coach

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