Improve your business with Google Business Profile

For the third webinar offered this fall at The Circle, we had an interesting overview on Google Business Profile, a free service offered by Google to all entrepreneurs who want to improve their business online presence.

Like the rest of this series, the webinar was structured in three parts:

  1. a tool presentation;
  2. an inspirational talk with a guest;
  3. an individual reflection activity for a peer-to-peer sharing. 

Let’s go deep into the webinar.

Tool Presentation – Google Business Profile

Supported by Carlo Magni, Web & SEO manager of Materahub, all the participants had the chance to know better Google Business Profile, also learning what this powerful tool is and how it can help local and online activities to boost by:

  • get precise information about a business (i.e. the right place of your shop/office, working hours or location of your activity, essential info for being traceable to the customer, direct contacts…)
  • improve the brand awareness (i.e. showing your official logo and pay off, showing your references or skills, showing your customers reviews…)
  • easily generate leads (i.e. by using direct contacts buttons, phone call buttons…).


Inspirational talk with Michele Cappiello, CEO of Ferula Viaggi

After the tool presentation, it was the time to get inspired by the experience of Michele Cappiello, CEO of Ferula Viaggi_Slow Italy Srl, one of the most important southern Italy cycling tour operator.

Michele told us about the advantages that Ferula Viaggi team got by using Google Business Profile for their local bike shop and repair point, called Ferula Bike Shop: the best one was an increase of customers and brand awareness, becoming one of the most important bike rental poit in Matera and surroundings.

Michele Cappiello, CEO of Ferula Viaggi_Slow Italy S.r.l.

Individual reflection activity for a peer-to-peer sharing

In the last activity of the webinar and before to say “See you soon” to all participants and our guest, they’ve had 10 minutes to answer the following questions by using Jam board:

  • Which are the resources that you have used so far for your activity that has given more value to your business?
  • What is your biggest challenge when it comes to choosing online strategies? 

Later, they got 10 minutes more to share with the peer their reflections.

Next events offered by The Circle

At the end of the webinar, we had few minutes to introduce the next activities of our project, inviting participants to take part to the following events:

  • Webinar “Persona to Client Journey” on January 18th, 2023 hosted by Zitec;
  • Conference in person on January 26th, 2023 at Impact Hub Madrid;
  • The Circle Festival online on February 16th, 2023.

If you want to take part, please register here for all the eventsAlso join the Whatsapp Group and connect to the other circlers. 

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