Trainers meeting in Matera – designing the Circles

Since The Circle project started in the midst of the pandemic, all communication and collaboration between the four partner organisations of the project have been done online. With the global health situation getting better and safer, the team was finally able to meet in person in April 2022 at the occasion of a Join Staff Training event.

The Joint Staff Training event was meant for trainers from each organisation to meet and exchange training tips, topics, and experiences with each other. The topic: the four international circles coming up in Bucharest (*2), Madrid, and Matera. Over three days, the trainers selected study materials and tools included in the six training courses developed on the creative, entrepreneurial, and digital sector. Each trainer presented training methodologies and tips to deliver and facilitate the workshop week the best way possible. Once the activities were identified, a brainstorming session took place to create a dynamic and impactful agenda for the future workshop participants. Questions were asked such as: “in what order should we present the activities?”, “How long should the activities last?”, “And what about ice breakers?”. The trainers’ goal: to provide the participants with the right amount of relevant content, engaging activities, and interactive moments.

The project managers of each partner organisation also held their first face to face meeting in order to go over the first year of the project and draw experiences from what has been so far. The meeting was also the occasion for the partners to have a final discussion on the organisations of the four circles to make sure they run smoothly, and to discuss the upcoming events for the years 2022-2023. On the agenda: networking events, online festival, and webinars. A year full of exciting events for The Circle project!

Meeting in person for the first time was also a great opportunity for the partners to share social and cultural moments together in the unique setting of Matera, and to strengthen the partnership even more!

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