Cool Timeline

Jul 07

Circle #2 – One learning week at MateraHub

After hosting the Join Staff Training Event last April, in Matera was held the The Second Circle training week from the 6th to the 10th of June.

May 28

Circle #1 – One learning week at Impact Hub Bucharest

We are super excited to share with you the experience we’ve had during the first in-person Circle that was hosted by Impact Hub Bucharest this May.

Apr 22

Trainers meeting in Matera – designing the Circles

The team was finally able to meet in person in April 2022 at the occasion of a Join Staff Training event.

Mar 29

Meet our participants – Anca Ion and Miriam Barahona, Madrid

Anca and Miriam are two creative Spanish entrepreneurs who are part of The Circle. Each woman is at a very different point in their business venture and has distinct needs.

Feb 28

How to find the key for building resilient businesses

How do you achieve balance between the things that drive you in building your business (your creativity, your passion, your long-term vision) and the practical aspects of running your venture (key performance indicators, supplier management, finances)?

Jan 20

Meet the participants – Antonio, “Gran Caffe”, Matera

Antonio, 29 year old, lives in Matera, South of Italy. He owns Gran Caffe, a family run bar/cafe that provides baked goods and beverages.

Dec 21

Digital Wellbeing | Why it should matter to you too

Why we should keep an eye on its overall effect on our lives and take an objective look at its advantages and possible issues.

Nov 27

The Circle: why the idea of well-being is so important

There is much talk about the stress that entrepreneurs endure, the pressure they are under and the problems of switching off from work when the business is yours. But what can be done to improve this situation?